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USM v4.12.1 Patch Release


AlienVault Employee

Patch Release Summary

AlienVault v4.12.1 is now available as of October 16th, 2014.

Patch Releases are minimally disruptive to your USM / OSSIM deployment and are intended to fix only defects and security related issues. They do not contain new functionality. Read the change log below and apply the patch during an appropriate service window.

This patch will eliminate the recently discovered SSL 3.0 POODLE vulnerability. USM and OSSIM v.4.12 and lower are currently known to be vulnerable. Update to v4.12.1 to eliminate the vulnerability.

Fixed Security Issues
  • ENG-97667 - Fixed SSL 3.0 Poodle vulnerability in the Apache and OpenVAS components within the AlienVault USM and OSSIM appliances.

How To Verify The Update

Check the system version is 4.12.1 once the upgrade process has finished. USM / OSSIM version is displayed in the CLI menu and also under 'Configuration -> Deployment -> AlienVault Center' in the Web UI

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  • Having so many problems with this release, from networking to trouble with Nouveau drivers.  It wouldn't write the network parameters - not even loopback came up with an address. Worked round that by manually configuring networking, but now stuck with rabbitmq seemingly freezing on startup and preventing full start up.

    I've tried adding entries for " alienvault" etc to hosts as this seems to be a commonly reported solution but it's just stick on rabbitmq startup.  Any ideas?  Why are the fundamentals so broken in these recent ISOs ?
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