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raising tickets to external platform


Entry Level
We are looking to have tickets raised in "ServiceNow" and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience to share with doing this.
Considering using the SN API rather than email.

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  • Hi @rmckee...
    I don't know ServiceNow... But can you explain to me, how its posible to generate a ticket in this plataform?

    I think that the only way its develop a script in usm console that create the ticket in your plataform...
  • I have done this with Spiceworks, not ServiceNow.

    In Spiceworks you can email a dedicated account, it will then process the message and create a ticket.  I just had to build the message within AlienVault to match what Spiceworks was looking for.  I was able to have it match the inventory within Spiceworks if it was one of our systems and assign the proper ticket level using the risk level from AlienVault.

  • Yeah, been looking at this more and find that "tickets" need to use email. Was able to get alarms done using the ServiceNow API but tickets do not have the ability to trigger a script. Bit of a short coming in AlienVault I think.
  • Well you could do it by creating that service an account in AV.  Then when a ticket gets assigned to it, and email will get sent to your ticketing system.

    Not perfect but it works. 
  • @rmckee Do you have any documentation or steps on how you got the alarms over to ServiceNow using the API?
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