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How to generate a web activity report for a user


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Is it possible to generate a web activity report for a particular user based on data sent from our firewall? We are currently using a SonicWALL product and the SonicWALL Analyzer is allowing us to generate a report, but it is not detailed enough for our needs. If I send the data generated by the SonicWALL product to the Alienvault device, would generating a web activity report be possible?

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Best Answer

  • Keep in mind that this ONLY works if you have data in your SIEM DB.  If you are trying to pull from the Logger, right now, there is no good way of doing this other than doing a full export then cleaning up the events in a txt file or excel.

    This has been one of my on-going complaints.  From what I have heard, this *should* be fixed soon.


  • Are you using the Pro version or the Open Source version? With the Pro version, you can try using custom reports. In short, you can create custom views based on the SonicWall events you are seeing on the SIEM page, then save it as a custom report module, and then generate reports from that module.  
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