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Updating OSSEC within OSSIM


Big Time
edited December 2012 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Sensor
I am trying to update OSSEC, but for some reason I am not able to. This box that I am trying to upgrade this on, is only installed as a sensor. I tried looking for this within the community, but I couldn't find anything. The error I am getting is below.

 OSSEC HIDS v2.6 Installation Script - http://www.ossec.net

 You are about to start the installation process of the OSSEC HIDS.
 You must have a C compiler pre-installed in your system.
 If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail

  - System: Linux SnortSensor1 2.6.32-5-amd64
  - User: root
  - Host: SnortSensor1

  -- Press ENTER to continue or Ctrl-C to abort. --

 - You already have OSSEC installed. Do you want to update it? (y/n): y
 - Do you want to update the rules? (y/n): y

2- Setting up the installation environment.

    - Installation will be made at  /var/ossec .

5- Installing the system
 - Running the Makefile
./install.sh: 145: make: not found

 Error 0x5.
 Building error. Unable to finish the installation.

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