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How To Update AlienVault USM Threat Intelligence without internet connection?


New Life Form
I would like to know how I can update Threat Intelligence without internet connection. (USM) I guess that I need an URL from download the files and enter the correct comands in the jailbreak.

My Alienvault version is 4.3.4, and by the moment we can´t upgrade.

I didn´t find any solution thread about this, i´m sorry if there is already one.

As always, thanks!

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  • kcoe,

    To clarify, given a recent private message on this post, Offline updates are for version updates only. If you are updating offline only, the threat feed update will be updated as part of the version release updates. AlienVault does not provide a separate Feed only update for offline units at this time.
  • Can OTX feeds be done in an offline manner? probably not right?
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