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Issues with OTX


New Life Form
when looking at a pulse i see:
OTX Pulse: No information available. You are no longer subscribed to this pulse.

in the alert area.. but when I check my pulses I am actually subscribed to that pulse.

Any one else seeing this?

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Best Answer


  • @monti - Thanks for reporting. Can you confirm whether the name of the pulse changed or whether the indicator (IoC) that initially triggered that event still exists in the pulse? 
  • I'm also having this same issue today. I've never seen this issue before today
  • I noticed the same thing today.
  • In case anyone has the same issue I had, I have been receiving this error for quite some time and finally took the time to look into it.  What I finally found was that in the OSSIM database column alienvault_siem.otx_data.pulse_id had the wrong data type.  It was defined as binary(16) instead of varbinary(16) like it's counterpart alienvault.otx_data.pulse_id.

    To fix my problem, I logged into the database using ossim-db.  I then ran the command: alter table alienvault_siem.otx_data modify PULSE_ID varbinary(16);

    Then to fix the data I ran update alienvault_siem.otx_data set pulse_id = unhex(substr(hex(pulse_id), 1, 24)); commit;

    Now the Dashboard Open Threat Exchange appears correctly.  My best guess is that at some point the column was changed from binary to varbinary and for some reason the alter script didn't finish successfully on my machine.
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