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Regarding Backup time on AIO USM 5.2.1


New Life Form

Hi Everyone,

                  I have set the backup timing as 18:00 hrs (Config --> Administration --> Backups --> Config). But instead, the auto backup was taken at 07:00hrs IST.

 Based on what time zone the backup is being taken. I want the auto backup to be taken at 18:00hrs IST.


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  • prabhusrmist,

    There is currently no configurable backup time for the configuration backups. They will always run at 07:00 system time. The event rotation backups only can be scheduled, current versions of USM or OSSIM.
  • kcoe,

          Then what is the purpose of backup start time given in AIO 5.2.1 under Configuration --> Administration --> Main --> Backups.

  • prabhusrmist,

    The first 5 lines of that page are for the SIEM database backup. This is the daily backup of events rotated out of the event database. The configuration backup is a separate and much smaller backup process, run on a set schedule.
  • Kcoe,

           Lets consider an event backup is scheduled daily, will the events be backed up only for a particular day or the day till the backup was taken .
  • prabhusrmist,

    This is a backup of the event rotation run for the day. It is not a backup of the event database.

    When you set event storage, the rotation marks any events that are older than the maximum storage age, and/or past the maximum number of events to be stored in the database. It then removes the events from the database by first creating and compressing an insert statement which matches the marked events, and then converting the insert statement into a delete statement. 

    The insert statement is what is saved in the backup rotation.

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