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running script at boot with ossim-reconfig error


New Life Form
I want to run a (python) configuration script when booting, at the end of which ossim-reconfig (--quiet etc.) is executed, but this generates an error.
In its simplest form, this error occurs when in a squeaky clean install, I just put ossim-reconfig in /etc/rc.local (with or without #!/bin/bash) and reboot.
This is the error:
(ossim-server:3355): libsoup-CRITICAL **: soup_server_quit: assertion 'priv->listeners != NULL' failed
(3355 can be anything but starts always with 33 or 34)
Now I wonder,
- is it save to ignore this error or does this mean the configuration is broken?
- should/can I do something in the script before executing ossim-reconfig to prevent this error?

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  • Did you ever find an answer?
  • No.
    Regrettably, with version v5.3.2, the problem is still there.
  • And it is with v5.5.0... :(
  • edited April 2018
    Hello @jhoanor,

       At this point, you are now using custom scripts that are performing actions as the system is being booted. Per your statement, you are inserting a script in ' /etc/rc.local';  you might unknowingly be playing with the run-levels of the #debian system. 

       You very well may be causing a loop of some sort. What is your reasoning to force an OSSIM-reconfig upon boot? 


    - kratos

  • We have made a kind of appliance in which an ossim server is one of many configurable VMs. Depending on input (network and client setting) those servers can be configured with scripts automatically.

    In that process, among other things, ossec's client.keys and ossim_setup.conf is edited. Besides, after a (re)configuration, the servers should be cleaned up. Thats why I want to do a scripted ossim-reconfig.

    In practice, rc.local calls a script which reads the input, configures the server and does a 'ossim-reconfig --quiet --rebuild_db'

    It might be some crucial environment variables are not set when not logged in in a shell, but other than this error there does not seem to be any more problems.

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