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Priority and process in creating new documentation


Space invader
How is the new documentation at the ARK prioritized? I know that there has been a lot of discussion about places that documentation has been missing in the past - I've been part of a few - but I haven't seen anything that outlines subject areas that the community would like to see. 

Areas that I think would be good include how to respond to vulnerability reports, assigning and managing tickets, how emails are generated, how to share scans / tickets between multiple users, etc. 

There might be a poll of some kind out there already but I'm not seeing it. 

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Best Answer

  • Prioritization is mostly by you guys saying "I could use some documentation on .....".  I've been trying to direct folks to using the forum section dedicated to ARK (http://forums.alienvault.com/categories/ark-content) to post requests.

    I'm the guy behind the 'ARK Manager' account FYI. 

    We keep an eye on the forums, and what we hear from commercial customers, and sometimes just whatever pops into my head as a good topic that doesn't have good coverage so far (my personal preference for documentation is for stuff that covers /using/ OSSIM, not just /configuring/ it.)

    And yes, I do accept submissions for documentation from the community :D


  • I do not have any afiliation with AlienVault so i cant make an official comment but as far as i know as ARK is community driven.

    As i see it you either setup a lab and figure stuff out and write the documentation or you post a list of stuff you woud like to see documentet in ARK and hope someone, like me, thinks it would be exciting to try the things in a lab and document it afterwards.
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