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Three assets for the same IP address - Alienvault host


Entry Level
In checking my asset list I have found there are three assets with the same IP address, all for the alienvault (OSSIM) host:
  • hostname "alienvault.alienvault", Private IP address 10.a.b.33 AND Public IP address DMZ.x - I edited the original asset "discovered" as part of installation and start-up to add the second (public) IP address when I brought that interface up. As part of that edit I attempted to change the "hostname" to the host portion of the FQDN for the private address, adding the FQDN to the FQDN field, however, the system appears to have changed the "hostname" field back to "alienvault.alienvault"
  • hostname "sim-ossim-01", Private IP address 10.a.b.33
  • hostname "alienvault.alienvault", Single Private IP 10.a.b.33

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