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API error - Operation cannot be completed


New Life Form
Hi folks!

After upgrade to v5 from v4.x, the UI displays "API error - Operation cannot be completed" in several parts, like the Dashboard. Also, the components status are Down. I still receive the events though...

I've noticed that after the upgrade, I don't have the API service init scripts (/etc/init.d/alienvault-api). I tried to copy this script from a previous install, but it cannot start the Celerys service. RabbitMQ also is not installed in v5 (don't really know if it's needed).
If I try to use the init script from a previous install I get:

# service alienvault-api start
[ ok ] Starting AlienVault API: api.
[....] Starting CeleryBeat: celerybeatstart-stop-daemon: unable to stat /usr/share/alienvault/api/scripts/venv_celerybeat.sh (No such file or directory)
[....] Starting CeleryD: celerydstart-stop-daemon: unable to stat /usr/share/alienvault/api/scripts/venv_celeryd.sh (No such file or directory)

If I try to start Celerys manually I get:
# /usr/share/python/alienvault-api-core/bin/celeryd
/usr/share/python/alienvault-api-core/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/celery/apps/worker.py:154: RuntimeWarning: Running celeryd with superuser privileges is discouraged!
  'Running celeryd with superuser privileges is discouraged!'))
 -------------- [email protected] v3.0.1 (Chiastic Slide)
---- **** -----
--- * ***  * -- [Configuration]
-- * - **** --- . broker:      amqp://[email protected]:5672//
- ** ---------- . app:         default:0x7f32cfae4650 (.default.Loader)
- ** ---------- . concurrency: 8 (processes)
- ** ---------- . events:      OFF (enable -E to monitor this worker)
- ** ----------
- *** --- * --- [Queues]
-- ******* ---- . celery:      exchange:celery(direct) binding:celery
--- ***** -----

[2016-06-15 10:08:55,587: WARNING/MainProcess] [email protected] has started.
[2016-06-15 10:08:55,589: ERROR/MainProcess] Consumer: Connection Error: [Errno 111] Connection refused. Trying again in 2 seconds...

The broker on port 5672 seems to be RabbitMQ, but RabbitMQ is not installed after the upgrade. Not really shure if Celerys should be started this way...

Some logs:
[USER ERROR] [XX.XX.XX.XX ]API error - Operation cannot be completed called in /ossim/av_center/data/sections/main/real_time.php and defined in /usr/share/ossim/www/av_center/data/sections/main/real_time.php on line 76 (get_system_status)

I'm at v5.2 now and still haven't found a solution.

Many thanks in advance!


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  • edited June 2016

    This sounds like an update which didn't complete all packages. I would start by re-running the update from the CLI and checking to see if there are any errors during the update:

    alienvault-update -c -v -d

    I would then check the latest update log itself, which can be found in /var/log/alienvault/update/.

  • CLI does not recognize that command...
    Having this issue STILL. It's been years. How is there not a readily available resolution?
    I'm running OSSIM 5.5.1
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