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Hardening OSSIM


Is OSSIM considered secure out of the box?  Is applying the updates OSSIM all that is necessary to secure it? For example, is SSL disabled by the patches, and is it configured to protect against  remote file inclusion?
Thanks for any advice.

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  • bbav,

    OSSIM is hardened out of the box. When deployed as recommended, link below, the only thing necessary should be standard network best practices and maintaining the current firmware veersion.

  • Hi alienvault expert, 

    I got problem with alienvault where there is vulnerability finding went i do the penetration testing using nessus pro on the alienvault server  got issue with hardening such as "ensure mounting of cramfs filesystem is disable " and etc , is it a false positive ? is that got away to solve it? if got can you provide me guide line document and explanation on this issue .. 

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