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Feature Request - Merging of Alarms or Tickets


Space invader
It would be helpful to be able to merge multiple alarms into one.  For example you have 10 alarms for the same issue you could either merge them into one or even have sub-alarms attached to one main Alarm.

For Tickets it would be helpful to add multiple Alarms into one Ticket.  For example you have multiple alarms for one system that are all related to the same issue, you could either select multiple Alarms and select create Ticket or if you already have a Ticket open to be able to select an option to add to an existing open ticket.  I find myself having to copy and paste the same resolution into multiple tickets for the same system that are all related to the same issue.

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  • This functionality exists to some degree using the "Group View" of Alarms on the Alarm page.
  • It's real issue in ticketing.
    Vulnerability scan of device with outdated firmware / software generates several separate tickets - one ticket for each vulnerability.
    But very often all these vulnerabilities are fixed by one cumulative update - and all i need to fix problem is to create a single ticket in the service desk.

    Real life example: after vulnerability scan of single Cisco Telepresence VCS ver. X.8.5.1 I've got five automatically generated ticket dealing with different vulnerabilities.
    But all these issues should be solved by a single update of the system to version X.8.10.*.

    Right way is to merge all the tickets into one in order to link them to a single job in the desks service - and after the task is completed, close them as a single ticket.
    But do not handle these 5 tickets separately.

  • This is an important feature for ITSM
  • Hi,

    @dirty_white_hat, what ITSM do you use ?
  • hi guys, it would be great if alienvault include that kind of function inside of it.
    it s already on the market and it s more or less open source. 

    they have it already.
    e.g you will get just one ticket / case / task for java updates instead of x as currently.

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