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Can't connect to console


Entry Level

I'm attempting to install OSSIM onto a Hyper-V VM and I'm having a few issues.

The installation has completed, but I'm not able to either open the browser session via https://<IP Address> or login to the console.  I'm attempting to access the console via the connect option within Hyper-V, I'm using the default credentials admin admin. I've used various combinations but none of them work.

Oh, and as further background information, this is my second attempt at installing OSSIM onto a Hyper-V VM, after the first failure, I started again, after I configured the IP address during the set up, I confirmed that the IP address was working correctly by PINGing from my workstation.  During setup PINGs were successful, however now that the setup has completed my PINGs fail.

Any ideas on how to get round these problems will be greatly appreciated. 

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