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What We’re Working On – USM Anywhere


New Life Form

Here are a few things we're currently working on for a future release*:

AlienVault Agent: The AlienVault Agent will provide additional host intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring capabilities for both Windows and Linux endpoints.

Scheduled Reports: We’ll be adding the ability to schedule an email with a link to a recurring report.

Customer REST API: Provide a documented Customer REST API so that customers can access USM Anywhere data directly through URL paths, enabling automation, integration and reporting outside of the USM Anywhere UI.


AlienVault considers various features and functionality prior to any final generally available release. As such, comments given in this forum are not (nor should they be interpreted to be) a commitment from AlienVault that it will deliver any specific feature or, if it delivers such feature, any time frame when that feature will be delivered. AlienVault is always trying to improve and enhance its products. All discussions herein are based upon product team current interests, and product team plans and priorities can change at any time.

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