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Is it possible to customize the ASSETS view?


I have over 40 devices running in my home, and every time I open the ASSETS page it defaults to showing only 20 assets, and the assets are sorted by what seems to be the name field.  

Is there a configuration file I can edit so that this view defaults to 50 (or more) and the assets are sorted by IP?


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    There is no way to edit the custom view at this time, and manually changing it would require some pretty hairy edits, but that is a very god point. Let me toss this to the product management team to see what they think.

    Also - Don't worry about the posts. I cleaned them up and alerted our admins to the issue you are seeing.


  • My apologies to admin staff.  I did not intend to post this so many times.  I was receiving a php.Mailer error each time I tried to submit my question.
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