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How to Access dashboard from public zone


New Life Form
Hi all,

I have a USM server with sensor on a secure zone with restricted access. Now I am forced to give some people access to my USM dashboard to keep monitoring their devices, the problem that am not allowed to give them access to this secure zone. They are allowed to access other zones like public or DMZ.

my question: is there a way to push or pull USM dashboard results and make it ready to be accessed from another zone? like public? so USM server dashboard can be seen also from public zone? since teh serve located on this secure zone?

like putting a slave server for the USM? what U suggest?

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    Not sure the slave is currently supported on USM

    What if you create restricted access to USM (say over 443) and access is via a secure IPSEC connection? Sounds good?

    If this doesn't work fine, you can install a server in the public or dmz zone and forward events from the primary USM in the private/internal zone to it.


  • Thnks ibukun,

    If I forward the events tot he server, am I able to get same dashboard? I would appreciate your if u can provide me a guide or a document that can help.

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