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What are your top 3 considerations before buying a security tool?


AlienVault Employee
Making sense out of products, understanding what they do, and what differentiates them all is no easy feat. Even when a potential buyer knows the security product they are after, knowing what questions to ask, or how to evaluate the vendor can be challenging.

So we asked several industry experts to share their Top 3 Considerations before buying a security product. 

Visit the blog to see what they said:

*Tell us what you think! What are your top 3 considerations before buying a security tool?


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  • Nice guest blog from Jack Danahy of Barkly!
  • I feel the top three considerations for me are:

    1.)  What is the company's reputation?
    2.)  How easy is the product to work with?  If a product is very complicated and time consuming, I feel a lot of companies do not utilize the product to it's full potential.
    3.)  Although this is not a major consideration, it still has to be considered...Does it fit my budget?
  • 1. cost
    2. ease of use, can others who may not be security centred be able to see issues.
    3. reviews from other end users.
  • 1) Functionality / Usability

    2) Scalability

    3) Cost

  • 1) Does it meet a business need?
    2) ROI or value improvements must warrant cost.
    3) What does setup / operation entail and can we pull it off?
  • 1. What makes them different than everyone else (not better, just different)
    2. Does it compliment my existing tools or does it replace one/more, and if so how well
    3. Is there any reason why I shouldn't trust this vendor?
  • 1. Cost

    2. Does it replace or work better than current tools.

    3. Reliability 
  • 1. Reliable
    2. Good track record 
    3. Open Source Community 
  • Cost (always important)

    Training/Support (does it have a good training program to learn the product/and support for questions, don't leave us hanging)

    Review (what are others saying about the product already)
  • Reliable, Intelligence  Good track record
    User interface & Support
    How easy to understand?

  • Does it meet my requirements and more?.
    Is it secure, vulnerabilities vs patches?
    How good is the support team?
  • 1. What is the specific purpose and problem I am trying to solve, and how will the tool support the mission agenda.

    2. What ecosystem do I need to support the tool over its lifespan, and how do I show value on ROSI (Return on Security Investment) and how to position the tool upstream to management for additional buy-in and support.

    3. Is the tool a need or a want?
  • 1) Does it integrate with our existing technologies?
    2) How does the tool fit into our security strategy?
    3) Price/value
  • This is really useful feedback so far! Thank you for sharing. 
  • 1) Is the vendor a leader in the field and how long has the vendor been in the business?
    2) How does the system fit into our information security program?
    3) What is the return on investment?
  • 1) Product reputation
    3)Support and guidance to overcome problems on demand
  • 1) Does it address our needs
    2) Cost/Value
    3) Vendor support and reputation
  • 1. Does it meet our (pre-defined) functional requirements?
    2. Does it fit within our budget?
    3. How much care and feeding is required to keep it up and running, useful and accurate?

  • My three top considerations are:
    1. The support of the platform & Reputation
    2. The reviews, whate the customers tell about the platform
    3. The cost 
  • 1. ease of installation and lesser maintenance worries
    2. low operational costs
    3. reputation of vendor
  • 1. Cost

    2. Does it replace or work better than current tools.

    3. Reliability 
  • Functionality, cost, reliability/reputation
  • 1. Integration 
    2. Operational Cost
    3. Does it make my job easier
  • 1. Ease of use
    2. Reliability
    3 Cost
  • 1. Applicability
    2. Cost
    3. Time to implement

    #3 usually corresponds to complexity as well.  With a security team of essentially 1 person, this is vital.
  • 1. Functionality or fit into the current environment
    2. Cost 
    3. Deployment time
  • 1. cost
    2. reputation
    3. usability

  • 1. Usability
    2. Scalability
    3. Compliancy

  • 1. How much administrative overhead is required? 
    2. How does this tool scale?
    3. How well is this tools security maintained? 
  • 1.  Reliability of the product / reputation of the company.

    2.  ease of use

    3.  reasonable cost for the product.

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