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Ossim 5.2 and Nagios Confiration ??? - help-me


New Life Form
Good day,
We are working with OSSIM in version 5.2 and we want to start Nagios, but we do not know the first steps for the configuration.
We know about Nagios, since we have it running on other servers only, but we did not find a way to boot with Ossim.
I hope your help
Thank you so much.

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  • What are you looking to monitor?  Can you elaborate a bit further?  You can check out the USM Appliance documentation since that is the paid version, but should be similar in OSSIM. - https://www.alienvault.com/documentation/usm-appliance/asset-management/configuring-availability-monitoring.htm?Highlight=monitoring.  
  • Hi! Thank you for your answer!
    I´m looking to monitor host from my network with nagios on ossim, for
    example memory and CPU usage.
    I already ´ve actived availability monitoring on assets, and move on to
    the next stage,
    configuring what i want to look for on the jailbreak system at the OSSIM
    But when i need to realize the ip checking, i found out that the path
    where i need to do it, is missing: /usr/local/nagios/
    so i can not continue.

    what i want to do is this:
    /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -H windows_server_ip.

    Thank you!
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