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Reporting on Newly Added Assets


New Life Form

I need to write a report that shows newly detected and added assets to AlienVault. I know that if I go to the Assets & Group section I can filter added assets by date, such as added last day, last month, or date range. However, is there a way to turn this into a report? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. 


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  • That link is to a post from November 2015 about reports freezing at 16%.

    This is unrelated to what I'm sure Mark is asking and what we all want the solution for: How can we get reports and alarms for any newly discovered assets/devices. Not just newly discovered IPs.

  • @marktan - we don't have that report in the system today, but I've added a feature request based on this post. In the meantime, you can use the filters that you mentioned and then export the results (not ideal, but hopefully it gets you what you're looking for). 
  • @LBarraco
    It has been months and several updates of AlienVault have been released, has there been any progress on this request? I have several clients who have requested this report either weekly or monthly. It has become tedious to log into each appliance and create these reports and mail them out to the different clients over and over again. Thanks!
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