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"Injection Found" Error


Big Time
Using OSSIM version 5.3.7. When I group events by any option other than event name, going to the next page of results displays "Injection found".

Any suggestions?

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  • rbeyer,

    I have been able to replicate this on OSSIM and USM in 5.3.7. It is not related to anything which you are doing.

    I am filing a defect and sending this issue up to engineering for review.
  • This is affecting me as well. Thanks!
  • Release notes for 5.4 state:

    ENG-104987 Fixed Grouped by username SIEM queries not working

    The problem described here is still occurring in version 5.4.1

  • hi,

    i have version 5.4.2 running and since we see "Alienvault HIDS: Windows Network Logon" group by Username and the first page is shown but by klicking on "next" the message "Injection Found" 
    shows up. 



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