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Feature Requests for 2FA and read-only role


New Life Form

We just started using USM Anywhere and were very surprised to find that the following features are not available in the product:
  1. Two-factor-authentication - Given the sensitive nature of the information found within the portal, we'd sure sleep a lot easier at night if we could require 2FA for all logins to the portal. We're also hoping this feature would be compatible with DUO Security, or the Google Authenticator app, as opposed to being SMS text based 2FA, which is now considered insecure.
  2. A Read-Only user role - Right now, the only role available is "Manager", which of course has full admin access to everything. It would be great to have a Read-Only role for auditing and troubleshooting purposes.



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  • Hi Stephen - We're working on a 2-factor authentication and are evaluating integration with the Google Authenticator App. Also we are looking at providing a more restricted role so we'll keep you posted. Thanks for being a new user.  We're glad to have you on board!
  • Up vote MFA for Alienvault USM. Specifically integration with more than just Google Authenticator (think Duo?).
  • Rayer,

    It sounds like you are referring to USM Appliance in your comment. I have added your post to an existing idea for MFA support for this appliance as a sort of plus one.
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