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web Interface is extremly slow


New Life Form
Hello Guys,

i am new to Alien Vault i just installed OSSIM in my vmware workstation after that i tried to access web interface it is extremely slow when i enters admin and password it takes  2 to 3 hours to login. i configure VMware Workstation as 4gb ram 4cpu.my host requirements are 8GB RAM, I3 processor windows 10 operating system.please guide me how to speed up my web interface.thanks in advance.

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  • Jupsat,

    I run a test system on my laptop, which is a newer Dell XPS running Windows 10. I allocated 250GB HDD, 8GB RAM, and 2 cores for this for testing and it performs admirably, although not running production (obviously).

    I would recommend more then 4 GB of RAM to start, but would note that VMware Workstation adds another layer of abstraction above ESXi as the host is sharing resources with the OS, which controls the hardware. You will not only need to consider the requirements of the VM, but also the fact that the OS has control of when the VMware Host receives resources. High load or usage on the OS will directly affect VM performance
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