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Openstack Compute node performance


Am beginning to examine openstack. As consistent with my information (after reading all of the doctors) is that the compute nodes run a number OS (ubuntu or other linux) and on top of that you have your hypervisor (like KVM) and then the VMs run on pinnacle of it i.e HW -> OS -> Hypervisor -> VMs . that is much like having a VM jogging on Virtualbox which runs on a host running system i.e HW-> Host OS ->VBox -> VMs.Please correct me if my knowledge is inaccurate.

Assuming my first knowledge is correct, How will the performance of the VMs on the this architecture be in comparison to strolling the VMs at once on hypervisor i.e HW-> Hypervisor (KVM)->VMs?

evaluating this with VMWare openstack architecture where Nova speaking to VMWare vCenter and then vCenter manages the ESXi nodes (vCenter and ESXi are on extraordinary nodes). This manner my VMs are immediately jogging on pinnacle of hypervisor linked to HW (HW->ESXi->VMs).And all of the overlay networking is treated by using NSX. This looks a lot extra performant in comparison to the other architecture. Am i missing some thing right here ?

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  • We have not done much testing with OpenStack, so I don't have a ton of advice or other info for you.  Anyone from the community have anything they can comment on or add here?
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    I like your information a lot.

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