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Alienapps for Appliance


New Life Form
Is there any plan to bring Alienapps to the USM Appliance or will it require the USM Anywhere product?

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    @hatface / @hib0x13 - yes, you are right. Right now we are starting with integrating AlienApps with USM Anywhere. We may decide to do something similar with Appliance in the future but that's not our focus right now. 

    @hatfaceWould be interested to hear some examples of what you would want to orchestrate... Can you PM with your email address? 


  • That is USM Anywhere only as it stands right now.

    I asked about this a week ago and it didn't seem like they had plans on bringing AlienApps to the appliance.  I asked about Orchestration as well but never got an answer.
  • In our particular deployment it would prove very difficult and cost prohibitive to move to USM Anywhere I suspect. Sincerely hope they consider this.  The ability to integrate with Palo Alto for instance would be something of a game changer for us.  Even if the use of the Alienapps on the appliances was an additional add-on cost it would be worth it. Perhaps something like the OTX "license".

    One of the problems with USM Anywhere is the OPEX cost. I dont know about other companies but making the sell for OPEX here is astronomically more difficult than CAPEX. So much so OPEX is rarely approved regardless of need.
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