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Any way to monitor agents services like CPU , SWAP & memory usage in OSSIM dashboard


Entry Level
hello frndz ..m stucked in this step for a week & still can,t able to find any solution ..
actually i want to monitor few specific services CPU usage or load , ram usage , Swap usage etc of my added OSSEC agents ! first i though that nagios will do that but nagios only monitored few services , here is the sceenshot even after instaling nrpe plgins m not able to monitor these specific services....then sum body suggest me that munin will do that work but it only showing localhost i.e OSSIM server info not the agents info here is the screenshot

plz i need a fullproof method for this , anybody kows the solution .plz help me

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  • You can use nagios for this. You will need to use the commandline to create your checks but thats doable. I would look into using nrpe to solve this minor issue.
  • yes, you can use the nrpe plugin for Nagios.
  • Also note that munin tracks system resources, though its not configured to alert.
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