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New Life Form
Dear Srs. I'm huge fan of AlienVault OTX and consider myself a heavy user. Ou my daily routine I keep my eyes opened to all IOCs that I face. As I'm part of some Security Pro's groups, we exchange a lot of information on e-mail, whatsapp, telegram, etc. So I have to transfer all those IOCs to OTX using Mobile browser which takes some time and OTX Web Console does not seems so GOOD for responsiveness. I wonder about a Mobile APP to manage Pulses and general account like Subscription and Follows.

Could only request for OTX API Key as basic settings and after that make general requests to API backend using JAVA SDK.

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  • Hello @guioday83,

       I will take the liberty of filing a Feature_Request for a Moble_OTX application. Thank you for the submisison. 


    - kratos
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