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Continuous Monitoring SANS Survey – What Are Their Vulnerabilities?

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Authored By
David Hoelzer

Continuous monitoring is a complex set of processes and practices that involves presenting a true representation of an organization’s exposure to cyber risk. This whitepaper explores the results of a SANS survey on how organizations approach continuous monitoring, providing a metric by which you can gauge your own progress towards successful continuous monitoring.

Some key findings reported by responders to the survey were:

  • 37% have immature or nonexistent continuous scanning and remediation programs.
  • 38% conduct active vulnerability scans on a weekly (CSC-recommended minimum frequency) or better basis, and only 13% practice continuous assessment.
  • 44% improved visibility into enterprise systems and infrastructures by initiating a continuous monitoring program, and 44% improved their ability to accurately detect and remediate malicious events.
  • 57% lack trained staff, 42% lack sufficient budgets and 41% lack management support for implementing continuous monitoring programs.

Do these challenges sound familiar? Download the full report to learn more about how other organizations are approaching continuous monitoring, along with best practices and advice.