Evolving Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations with AlienVault

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A recent study from Enterprise Strategy Group revealed that cybersecurity operations are increasingly fraught with problems for many security professionals. Practitioners are using a large portfolio of tools which require a lot of time, resources, and skills that many organizations simply don’t have. The global cybersecurity skills shortage exacerbates security operations issues, forcing teams to only address high priority incidents rather than take a more holistic security operations approach. 

In this report from Enterprise Strategy Group, you’ll read why security operations are growing increasingly complex, due largely to the evolving threat landscape and corresponding lack of adequate skills and resources. You’ll also learn how AlienVault USM aligns with strategic operations and analytics objectives by integrating essential security capabilities into a unified security management solution, which can help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of cybersecurity teams and enable analysts to uncover previously hidden malicious activity, improving alert quality and accelerating investigations.