Infosec 2017: GDPR, the Cloud, and Government Spying

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The deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation moves ever-closer, but the British government is in a state of disarray at a time when negotiations to leave the EU are underway, all while it’s trying to increase its surveillance capabilities as well.

Enterprises are feeling the brunt of these changes. While cloud, in all its various guises, continues to shape digital strategies, we were curious to find out how security professionals were adapting not just to cloud technologies, but also to the increased focus on privacy that the GDPR will bring within the overall context of a government that’s eager to increase its powers.

The results are based on a survey of 918 attendees at InfoSecurity Europe 2017 and offer a glimpse into what security professionals feel the impact of changes related to the GDPR and cloud adoption could be for organizations.

This report was written by Javvad Malik, Security Advocate, AlienVault. Any questions about the methodology should be addressed to him at [email protected].