SANS Higher Education Survey: Balancing Accessibility with Security

SANS Higher Education Survey: Balancing Accessibility with Security

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Randy Marchany

Authored By
Randy Marchany

Randy is the Chief Information Security Officer of Virginia Tech & the Director of Virginia Tech's IT Security Laboratory. He also serves as a member of the Center for Internet Security development team & the White House Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security. In his free time, he writes & teaches for the SANS Institute.

Higher education has always balanced the need for open accessibility with the needs to secure the private data of employees and students and to protect internal data and networks.

This whitepaper summarizes the results of a recent SANS survey exploring how higher education institutions are addressing increasing security concerns and threats to sensitive and regulated data stored on a growing array of user devices. Here’s a peek inside:

SANS Higher Education Security Survey

Download the full report to explore:

  • What type of systems pose the most perceived risk
  • Which attack vectors keep your peers up at night
  • How your peers prioritize incident response & mitigation
  • What types of policies your peers have in place to protect personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Average percentages of higher-ed IT budgets spent on security
  • Average numbers of full-time IT security staff members
  • Common network segmentation practices, security technologies, and more