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Today, the security of organizations is not only critical for large enterprises, but increasingly more important for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well. According to a survey conducted in conjunction with Infosec Europe 2014, 81% of large organisations and 60% of smaller firms suffered a breach in the past year. These statistics are echoed in other research, which shows that, of all the breaches that it uncovered, 61% impacted small- and medium-sized enterprises, which was a three-fold increase over the previous year.

Although security is becoming a top priority for SMEs, many are struggling to acquire the proper measures to implement it due to cost and complexity. In this in-depth guide from Bloor, you’ll learn how next generation security platforms like AlienVault USM are leveling the playing field for organizations of all sizes, giving cash- and resource-strapped mid-market organizations the same detection and response capabilities that were previously only available to large organizations with considerable budgets and in-house expertise at their disposal.

Analyst Report: Bloor In-Depth Guide:AlienVault® USM™

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