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Scanning Your Assets for Vulnerabilities with AlienVault® USM™: 2-Minute Overview

Misconfigurations and missing updates to operating systems and applications can leave you open to attack. See how to scan your assets for vulnerabilities with AlienVault USM for a complete report of issues, their potential impact, and remediation steps.

Video Transcript

Misconfigurations and missing updates to operating systems and applications can leave you open to attack, should someone discover a vulnerable system on your network. One of the essential capabilities that AlienVault USM provides is a built-in vulnerability scanning and analysis engine. This gives you, even if you are new to security, the power to scan your entire environment for vulnerabilities and then the ability to take action immediately.

In under an hour, you can have AlienVault USM deployed and scanning your discovered assets for vulnerabilities. When the scans finish, you are given a complete report of what issues USM found, their potential impact, and in most cases, steps to fix the issues.

Let me show you how easy it is to set up and execute a scan.

  • Go to Environment > Vulnerabilities and click on ‘scan jobs’.
  • Select ‘new scan job’.
  • Now I need to name the job.
  • If using a distributed architecture, I would have the ability to choose which sensor to use for the scan, allowing me to conserve bandwidth.
  • I can then choose which scan profile to use, ranging from ‘non-destructive full & fast’ all the way to a very thorough ‘ultimate’ full and fast scan which includes some destructive tests (meaning real world attack scenarios will be simulated). You can also create you own scan profile to fit your environment’s specific needs.
  • I can even set up a schedule in this dialog to run these scans on a regular basis.
  • Next up, I need to define the scope. This can be individual assets, asset groups, or even entire networks.
  • Once I hit ‘new job’ the scan will kick off.

Once the scan completes, you’ll have a list of vulnerabilities found in your environment, stack ranked by order of severity, that will allow you to remediate these issues quicker and more efficiently, putting time back into your day and delivering results on day one.

AlienVault USM, which was recently named the Security Solution of the Year by SC Magazine, is used by more than 1700 customers world-wide. Download a free 30 day trial or log into the our online demo site to see how it can help you detect and respond to today’s threats.

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