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The Easier, Faster Path to PCI DSS Compliance

If you are concerned about PCI DSS compliance, watch this short video to learn what AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) can do to help you attain and maintain compliance.

Video Transcript

If you’ve been tasked with PCI DSS compliance for your organization, you probably know it can be a lot of work.

To be PCI compliant, you need to pass yearly audits and requires a number of controls, including:

  • Network asset discovery and management
  • Log aggregation, retention, and management
  • Threat identification and remediation
  • Tracking User access to critical files
  • Internal vulnerability scanning to determine software updates and patches required
  • Ensuring there are no default passwords in use
  • Detecting and removing rogue wireless devices
  • Reporting
  • And more

So, what if you could do it the smart way, and get all of those controls in one place?

Meet AlienVault Unified Security Management, or USM, the easiest way to bring together all the essential controls you need to stay on top of PCI compliance.

In order to ensure PCI compliance in the long-term, you need to operationalize and automate your security control activities as much as you can. For example, with USM, you can automatically keep an inventory of all credit card locations and assets, as well as which ports and protocols are used when transmitting cardholder data. You also get visibility to changes in your environment, so you can keep up with compliance in your dynamic and always-changing network.

Another critical PCI requirement you can automate with USM is log aggregation, retention and management. USM not only takes care of this for you, it also provides threat identification with built-in Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, as SIEM correlates logs and events across the many components that comprise your network. This allows you to do incident response tracking, so you can prove diligence in addressing incidents on a timely and effective basis. In addition, USM’s centralized, role based access control for audit trails and event logs preserves the “chain of custody” for investigations.

USM also provides File Integrity Monitoring, so you can monitor key operating system files, registry settings and key data files for changes. Its Host Intrusion Detection capabilities enable you to have comprehensive visibility to changes occurring on endpoints on your network. For example, you can have visibility down to the level of which users and privileges are modified on a Microsoft Active Directory server, which is very helpful in proving to auditors that when an employee leaves the company, access has been terminated. Host IDS also detects and alarms on changes to cryptographic keys and unauthorized attempts to access cardholder data, as well as identifying the attachment of USB devices.

A key aspect of PCI compliance is vulnerability identification and management. You need to scan your network and determine software updates and patches required for compliance. USM includes full vulnerability management capabilities, including a scanner that you can adjust to your particular needs. It can be automated to perform scans on a regular basis, to ensure that you don’t deviate from compliance. In addition, the USM vulnerability scan can check for default password use in your network and assets, and alert you to this situation.

USM also helps you detect and remove rogue wireless devices with its Wireless IDS, as well as monitoring encryption strength and identifying unauthorized access attempts.

Perhaps most importantly, USM provides reports for all of these aspects of PCI compliance.

AlienVault doesn’t just help with PCI compliance; it understands what compliance means and what is needed to achieve it.

USM includes built-in PCI DSS mappings to help us organize all the data from multiple data sources we to validate each requirement.

In addition, the USM reporting engine has multiple reporting modules designed specifically for your PCI compliance needs, which is great while working on achieving or maintaining compliance. Our specialized report includes all compliance related components in one place.

Learn more about USM for PCI compliance - the smart way to get it done as fast as possible and save money in the process.

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