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Asset Discovery with AlienVault® USM™: 2-Minute Overview

Securing your environment starts with understanding what is on your network. See how the built-in Asset Discovery in AlienVault USM helps you take the guess work out of knowing what is on your network, as well as identifying misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Video Transcript

One of the best ‘first steps’ in securing your environment is to understand exactly what is on your network. That may sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the amount of ‘unauthorized’ devices (or authorized devices that you didn’t know were still connected) that are found when doing an asset scan.

AlienVault USM has built-in functionality that takes the guesswork out of asset discovery. Within minutes of deploying USM, you be able to discover all of the network addressable devices in your environment, how they are configured, as well as any potential vulnerabilities or active threats being executed against them.

Lets go through a quick asset discovery:

  • First, I'll go to Assets & Groups
  • Then, I’ll click on “Discover New Assets”
  • Once I’m in the asset discovery dialog, I need to define the target networks
  • If using a distributed architecture, I would have the ability to choose which sensor to use for the scan, allowing me to conserve bandwidth
  • I then need to choose the type of scan. The default is a fast scan but, if you are looking to retrieve granular details about the asset (operating system, running services, MAC address, etc), you’ll want to choose the full scan.
  • You can also create a custom scan, allowing you to choose specific ports

Once I click ‘start’, the discovery process kicks off and I have results in minutes.

Now you can see that, with minimal effort, you are able to gain valuable insight into your assets that will help you mitigate risks to your environment.

AlienVault USM, which was recently named the Security Solution of the Year by SC Magazine, is used by more than 1700 customers world-wide. Download a free 30 day trial or log into the our online demo site to see how it can help you detect and respond to today’s threats.

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