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Everyone in IT knows that security is a big deal, but did you know that SIEM (security information and event management) can help protect your network from data breaches, even when traditional defenses fail?

If SIEM a mystery to you, lets grab Colonel Mustard, the candlestick and head to the library because this mystery is about to be solved. We'll be giving out more than just clues in this webinar: you'll discover explanations of security concepts, tools, tips and tricks as we unravel the mystery of how to better protect your network. Bring your magnifying glass, because you’ll also learn about event correlation, EPS, normalization and other things that will surely impress your friends.

Learn from our chief gumshoe and noted SIEM Enthusiast Joe Schreiber. He’ll explain the reasons that SIEM exists, how it works, and most importantly - what you can do with it.


Meet Your Host

Joe Schreiber

Joe Schreiber

Solutions Architect

Joe Schreiber is a Solutions Architect with AlienVault who has been doing IT security since the days of dial–up. With his team at AT&T Managed Security Services, Joe built one of the world's largest SIEM systems, bringing thousands of devices under real time security management and monitoring more than 2 petabytes of network traffic daily. With Joe's insight and experience, this is guaranteed to be an hour well spent.