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How Attackers Move Stealthily Around Networks - And How To Detect Them

Have you ever wondered how the bad guys actually get control of a system? Or, what they do next to move about the network undetected? Then you won't want to miss this live demo, where AlienVault security guru Tom D'Aquino will show you how attackers take over a system, then use that compromised device to "land and expand", gathering user credentials and valuable data as they move further into your network. Using a real-world example of malware planted via a watering hole attack, Tom will show you how AlienVault USM detects these nefarious activities every step of the way.

You'll learn:

  • How attackers take control of systems and steal user credentials
  • What they do next to avoid detection and move around the network
  • How to detect them before the damage is done with AlienVault USM

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Tom D'Aquino

Hosted By
Tom D'Aquino
SVP Worldwide Sales Engineering

Tom D'Aquino has been engaged in information security with an emphasis on supporting enterprise SIEM deployments for nearly ten years. His most recent endeavors include educating others in the art of security analysis while evangelizing the benefits of AlienVault's unified approach to information security management aka AlienVault USM. Tom loves to reminisce about the good ol' days of using grep and regex to find suspicious activity in log files and he is always thrilled to brainstorm with you on your own security use cases and initiatives.