How Malware Actually Works?

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Malware may be the scourge of every IT pro, but in the words of The Art of War, “Know your enemy… and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."

Did you know that even though new types of malware are constantly under development, they generally fall into only a few broad categories? In this webcast, we'll dive into the most common types of malware and how they actually work:

  • How they find their way into your network
  • How attackers control them remotely
  • How they use your systems for nefarious purposes
  • And most importantly, the security controls you need to effectively defend against and detect malware infections. (Hint: you need more than antivirus!)

Meet Your Host

Garrett Gross

Garrett Gross

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager

Garrett comes from a diverse IT background, including network/systems administration and sales engineering. As a former practitioner, he understands the challenges that businesses face and leverages that insight to develop IT security resources for the AlienVault community.