Practical Threat Management & Incident Response for the SME

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Due to small budgets, few or no dedicated security staff and overly complex security solutions, SMEs continue to face challenges in their efforts to proactively protect their networks, data and systems. This SANS webcast investigates the barriers these organizations face in protecting their digital assets and what attackers hope to gain through a compromise. It also uses a case study of a breach initiated by the compromise of a forgotten asset to examine what SMEs can do to protect themselves using a comprehensive solution in a cost-effective, uncomplicated manner.

At SMEs, where security personnel are in short supply, there’s nowhere for blame to shift when the inevitable compromise hits. In this webcast, you’ll learn essential tips from the trenches that will help keep your organization secure. Learn from the author’s experience working with companies of all sizes and budgets, ensuring that even those with meager resources aren’t left behind when it comes to actionable and practical advice.

Meet Your Host

Patrick Bedwell

Patrick Bedwell

VP, Product Marketing

Patrick Bedwell has 17 years of experience in the network security and network management industries. He is the Vice President of Product Marketing at AlienVault, responsible for creating and executing the go-to-market strategy for AlienVault’s Unified Security Management products. Previously, Patrick was VP of Product Marketing at Fortient and has held product marketing and product management leadership positions at Arcot Systems, McAfee, SecurityFocus, Network ICE and Network General. Patrick earned an MBA with honors from Santa Clara University and a BA degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.