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Sandy Hawke

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Sandy Hawke
VP, Product Marketing

Sandy Hawke drives the product marketing strategy at AlienVault. With a passion for making the complex simple, Sandy brings over 15 years of information security experience in various technical sales, consulting, and product marketing roles. Before joining AlienVault, she led the security awareness program within the IBM CIO office and has held senior product marketing responsibilities at BigFix (acquired by IBM), Blue Coat Systems, Vormetric, Nevis Networks and SenSage. Sandy began her career managing network firewalls in the UUNET SOC, so security monitoring is part of her core DNA. In addition to the CISSP credential, she holds a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware and an MA degree in Political Science from UC, Santa Barbara.

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Preparing for a Security Breach

How to keep your head (and your job) when the worse case scenario happens.

Due to the increasing frequency of security breaches, defining an action plan is critical for every security practitioner. Getting breached doesn’t determine whether or not you’ve got a good security program in place – but how you respond to one does.

Join security expert Conrad Constantine of AlienVault, for an in-depth discussion on things you and your team should do today to prepare for information security breaches. You’ll get practical, lessons learned advice on:

  • The inevitability of security breaches
  • Preparing to survive security breaches
  • Threat identification and containment
  • Handling the aftermath so it’s not worse than the breach itself
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