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Joe Schreiber
Solutions Architect

Joe Schreiber is a Solutions Architect with AlienVault who has been doing IT security since the days of dial–up. With his team at AT&T Managed Security Services, Joe built one of the world's largest SIEM systems, bringing thousands of devices under real time security management and monitoring more than 2 petabytes of network traffic daily. With Joe's insight and experience, this is guaranteed to be an hour well spent.

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SIEM-plifying security monitoring: A different approach to security visibility

Despite investments in preventative security technology and teams, devastating data breaches continue to occur, and the threats we face only grow more advanced all the time. If even the largest companies are struggling to avoid breaches, how can teams with more limited security staff and budgets hope to avoid that same fate? Organizations need to invest more in detection and proactive threat intelligence. SIEM products have been widely deployed for this purpose, however much of the technology remains unwieldy and difficult to use.

Join Dave Shackleford, founder of Voodoo Security and a Senior SANS Instructor, and Joe Schreiber, Solution Architect with AlienVault for this session covering:

  • Key security intelligence insights you need to defend against modern threats
  • "Tales from the trenches" of challenges getting the insights you need from SIEM
  • Fundamentals for evaluating a security approach that will work for you, not against you.
  • How a unified approach to security visibility can help you get from install to insight more quickly
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