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The Evolution of IDS: Why Context is Key

Have you asked yourself: Are we getting the right alerts? Are we looking for the right events and patterns in network traffic?

As security teams today become more focused on improving their detection and response capabilities, they're having to revisit the technologies used to combat threats and improve security posture. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) play a huge role and are considered a "must have" control for security and compliance.

In this practical session, we will cover:

  • The evolution of IDS as a mainstay technology in our security arsenal
  • Why context is key for getting the most out of IDS and avoiding false positives
  • Effective processes and technology to improve detection and response

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Joe Schreiber

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Joe Schreiber
Solutions Architect

Joe Schreiber is a Solutions Architect with AlienVault who has been doing IT security since the days of dial–up. With his team at AT&T Managed Security Services, Joe built one of the world's largest SIEM systems, bringing thousands of devices under real time security management and monitoring more than 2 petabytes of network traffic daily. With Joe's insight and experience, this is guaranteed to be an hour well spent.