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The Lazy Attacker: Defending Against Broad-based Cyber Attacks with Unified & Collaborative Defenses

Advanced Persistent Attacks (APTs) get most of the attention from the cyber security community because, as defenders, we want to be vigilant against the most insidious techniques. However, this unilateral mindset ignores a much less interesting reality. Generally, cyber criminals are as lazy as criminals in the “real world.” What do we mean by lazy? Attackers will use the “lowest common denominator” method against the widest range of IP addresses from the same source set of IP addresses - which means that sharing information about their methods with others, and implementing simple defenses are best practices.

Adjusting your focus from the “shiny object” of APTs to those broad-based threats can help prioritize your own defenses and optimize your incident response program. Attend this webinar to hear directly from Jaime Blasco, Director of AlienVault Labs, on how you can:

  • Understand the common exploit methods of the “lazy attacker”
  • Review the benefits of a collaborative approach to threat intelligence
  • Prioritize defensive tactics and remediation activities
  • Implement a unified, simplified approach to threat management

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Jaime Blasco

Hosted By
Jaime Blasco
Director, AlienVault Labs

At AlienVault, Jaime manages the Lab and runs the Vulnerability Research Team. Prior to working in the AlienVault lab he founded startups (Eazel, Aitsec) working on web application security, source code analysis and incident response. His background stems from a number of years working in vulnerability management, malware analysis and security researching. When he’s not hunting down the bad guys, and alerting the good ones, he’s a guest speaker or lecturer at hacking conferences such as Rooted Con, OWASP. Recently he ran a Cyber Warfare conference for the Head of Defense in Spain demonstrating attacks in real time and showing how to defend against them. He’s also a regular contributor to Hakin9 and InSecure magazine. Jaime also advises government on emerging threats.