Use of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) - Benefits, Challenges and Trends

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Research shows that about half of organizations deploy a mix of in-house and outsourced IT security. Companies turn to outsourced and managed security services providers to alleviate the pressures they face, such as assessing and remediating against new types of attacks, protecting their organization against data theft, and addressing skills shortages and filling resource gaps. The 2017 Spotlight Report covering MSSP usage revealed the latest data points and trends in how organizations are leveraging Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to augment, or in some cases completely outsource their security programs.

In this session you'll learn about key findings from this survey including:

  •  The predominant driver for organizations to consider managed security services
  •  The most critical capabilities organizations look for in MSSPs
  •  The most requested security services offered by MSSPs 
  •  Key benefits respondents have achieved by partnering with an MSSP

Whether you are evaluating using an MSSP, or are an MSSP yourself, join us to gain valuable insights into how MSSPs are helping their clients. We'll also provide an overview of how our report sponsor, AlienVault, enables the threat detection capabilities of many MSSP's with their unified threat detection platform, AlienVault USM

Meet Your Host

Garrett Gross

Garrett Gross

Director, Field Enablement

Garrett comes from a diverse IT background, including network/systems administration and sales engineering. As a former practitioner, he understands the challenges that businesses face and leverages that insight to help organizations of all sizes reach their security goals.