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Victor Obando

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Victor Obando
Sales Engineer

Victor Obando is part of AlienVault's Sales Engineering group. Passionate about technology, Victor has been assisting organizations as a technology adviser and security advocate for over 12 years. From his experience in many areas of the industry including Management, Virtualization, Security and Compliance, he’s been able to to help organizations of all sizes with their technology needs.

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Watering Hole Attacks: Detect End-User Compromise Before the Damage is Done

Attackers are becoming increasingly skilled at planting malicious code on websites frequented by their desired targets, commonly called "watering hole" attacks. These can be very difficult to detect since they happen as users are going about their normal business. Join us for a live demo showing an example of such an attack, and how to detect it immediately using AlienVault USM.

You'll learn:

  • Common browser vulnerabilities used to execute these attacks
  • What attackers do next to take control of the system
  • How to catch it before the attacker moves further into your network
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