IDS, IPS, and UTM - What’s the Difference?

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How many times have you heard the acronyms IDS, IPS and UTM and thought, what’s the difference?

In this AlienVault primer, we take a look at simple descriptive definitions that help explain the differences between an Intrusion Detection Sensor (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Sensor (IPS), and software based modules in Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices. With this primer, you’ll be better prepared to understand how to use these different types of traffic inspection for greater visibility into your network.

Grant Leonard

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Grant Leonard

Grant Leonard is a member of Castra Consulting, an AlienVault certified vendor and MSSP. The team at Castra Consulting regularly manages SIEM environments in global 24x7 scenarios. They pay close attention to the ever changing, dynamic world of the SIEM and devices by which the are fed. They build and manage SOC environments, convert NOC environments, and consistently allow companies to achieve full ROI with their security product suite.Learn more about Castra Consulting at