Practical Threat Management and Incident Response for Credit Unions

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If you work in a credit union, you know how challenging securing your technology assets can be. The boss wants the same level of security that Fortune 500 companies enjoy. What the boss doesn’t understand is how much that costs, in terms of software, hardware and, most importantly, the specialized talent required to operate it. Sticker shock is a reality when credit unions talk security, and often, the dedicated staff to support security products is forgotten.

Attackers understand the challenges credit unions face, too. And although there are bigger paydays out there, they typically have better security, meaning the credit union is an easy target. With that said, there are solutions. In this paper, we walk through a typical compromise at an credit union, consider security controls that can be used and investigate how these might change the outcome of an attack. Then we offer some advice (tailored to the credit union, but universally applicable) on evaluating security controls for deployment.

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  • How to evaluate security controls for deployment