Azure Vulnerability Scanning

AlienVault USM Anywhere Delivers
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Vulnerability Scanning for Your Azure Cloud Environment

Vulnerability scanning in the Azure cloud is a critical but often misunderstood task. It is your organization’s responsibility to perform vulnerability scanning in your Azure environment. Microsoft secures its underlying Azure infrastructure, but they don’t secure your applications or scan your environment for you. This is known as the shared responsibility model.

Vulnerabilities exist in the cloud, and the Azure cloud is no exception. Azure cloud security best practices require you to continuously scan your Azure cloud environment to identify and remediate known vulnerabilities and threats. To secure your Azure cloud environment, you need a solution that is natively built for the Azure cloud and provides essential vulnerability scanning capabilities.

AlienVault® Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere™, with its native Azure sensor, automatically scans your Azure environment to detect assets, assess vulnerabilities, and deliver remediation guidance. Purpose-built for the Azure cloud, USM Anywhere delivers five essential security monitoring features, including asset discovery, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, behavioral monitoring, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). This integrated solution gives you the visibility you need to detect vulnerabilities and threats across your hybrid cloud environment.

AlienVault USM Anywhere secures your Azure environment with these critical capabilities:

Automated Scanning of Your Azure Cloud

  • Find all running virtual machines (VMs)
  • Identify vulnerabilities on your VMs
  • Scan VMs for software and services
  • Track Shadow IT

Prioritization and Remediation of Vulnerabilities and Threats

  • Integrated threat detection capabilities
  • Visibility across cloud and on-premises environments
  • Full vulnerability and threat context and step-by-step remediation guidance

Actionable Threat Intelligence

  • Identifies the latest vulnerabilities in your Azure environment
  • Acts as an extension of your IT team
  • Focus on remediating vulnerabilities and responding to threats rather than researching every alert

AlienVault Is Trusted & Verified

AlienVault makes compliance a top priority for your organization and for ours. We have adopted the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), aligning our security controls and processes with industry-proven security best practices. We use our own USM platform to demonstrate and maintain compliance, working with third-party auditors to regularly test our systems, controls, and processes.

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* The ISMS that governs USM Anywhere, USM Central

Automated Scanning of Your Azure Cloud

Significant vulnerabilities and threats persist in the cloud just as with assets on-premises. Therefore, scanning for vulnerabilities in your Azure cloud environment is as essential as scanning assets in your data center. Typical cloud vulnerabilities result from improperly patched systems, cloud asset misconfigurations, and poorly managed credentials, leading to common attacks such as SQL injections, account and service hijacking, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Microsoft won’t protect your Azure cloud against these vulnerabilities. Operating under the shared responsibility model, you need to monitor your Azure VM’s and applications.

In addition, central to proper vulnerability assessment is ensuring that you are scanning all aspects of your infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. And part of that is knowing where all of your assets are and who has access to them. “Shadow IT” refers to employees introducing rogue services or bringing rogue assets into the corporate network. This may include hijacked accounts where unexpected VMs are getting created without the knowledge of IT. With the prevalence of cloud services, the risks from Shadow IT are growing. You need a complete monitoring solution that scans your Azure cloud for vulnerabilities and gives you visibility into any Shadow IT activity in your organization.

USM Anywhere, with its purpose-built Azure sensor, delivers the capabilities you need for proper Azure vulnerability scanning. USM Anywhere discovers and scans all VMs in your Azure environment. The integrated vulnerability scanning in USM Anywhere lets you know which of your assets are actually vulnerable to the exploits being attempted. Having this information at your fingertips gives you the actionable information you need to protect your Azure cloud environment.

Prioritization and Remediation of Azure Vulnerabilities and Threats

Finding, verifying, and then remediating vulnerabilities is a constant battle for your IT team. This is particularly true if your organization employs a hybrid cloud environment, with infrastructure both on-premises and in the Azure cloud. With so many vulnerabilities to track, prioritization becomes critical for fast remediation. It is essential for you to prioritize your remediation efforts and deploy the most important patches and security updates first. Since newly-found vulnerabilities in the cloud are constantly surfacing, and your organization's infrastructure is typically changing over time, consistent diligence is required for effective Azure vulnerability assessment.

That’s where USM Anywhere and its native Azure Sensor delivers. USM Anywhere’s built-in Azure vulnerability scanning functionality filters through the noise of false positives and vulnerabilities that are less important and allows you to focus on risks that truly matter to your business. USM Anywhere provides not only vulnerability scanning but also details about the vulnerabilities themselves. The ability to see external threat information, such as communication with known malicious hosts, helps you prioritize your remediation efforts. And the unified capabilities of USM Anywhere, including asset discovery, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, and SIEM, work in concert with the Azure vulnerability assessment to deliver threat detection and response capabilities across your hybrid cloud environment.

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