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Compliance management, threat intelligence, and network security management for the world’s most challenging information environments.

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AlienVault USM enables federal organizations to:
  • Measure, manage, and report on compliance for your agency
  • Identify emerging threats across your environment
  • Respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations
  • Optimize your existing security investments and reduce risk

Are you responsible for network security in a federal or DoD agency or a branch of the military? If so, chances are good that you...

  • need a complete security intelligence platform with all the essential network security capabilities built in;
  • need an affordable SIEM solution to ingrate your existing capabilities into a single security intelligence console; or
  • need to replace your existing SIEM with one that’s easier to manage and costs less to maintain.

The AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) platform is the right choice for each of those requirements. It includes the essential security capabilities that every federal agency needs, so you can start assessing and hardening your security within minutes of install.

Agencies from Army ALTESS and NASA to NIH and the Peace Corps use AlienVault USM to....

Increase Security Visibility

Increase security and gain visibility with a complete network security intelligence solution.

AlienVault USM™ comes out-of-the-box with five essential security capabilities, pre-integrated for robust performance as part of a unified network security platform: asset discovery; vulnerability assessment; threat detection; behavioral monitoring; and security intelligence.

If you have existing security systems you need to continue using, AlienVault USM’s flexible, open architecture lets you integrate and correlate those feeds into a single console to support rapid analysis and action while also protecting your investment in existing security capabilities.

Save on Costs

Save on costs with a complete all-in-one solution.

Having the essential security capabilities built in saves you the time, cost, and complexity of purchasing, configuring and managing those disparate products.

Cut loose from current SIEM vendors

Cut loose from their current SIEM vendor.

Bring an end to complicated maintenance and expensive support contracts. AlienVault USM’s rapid deployment means a seamless transition to powerful new capabilities while simplifying maintenance and reducing its cost going forward.

Save on human resources

Save on human resources by redeploying personnel to more productive work.

AlienVault USM lets you make better use of scarce human resources by freeing them from the burden of managing security products to work on cybersecurity strategy and IT service management.

Deploy a complete SIEM solution in minutes

Deploy a complete SIEM solution in minutes.

AlienVault USM can be installed in 15 minutes to start protecting your network as quickly as possible. Most customers identify policy violations and potential threats within just a few minutes after the installation is complete.

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Who's Using AlienVault USM?

Open Source Architecture

Cost-effective & flexible for the future.

AlienVault developed the open source SIEM project — called OSSIM™ — that is the foundation of its commercial offering, AlienVault USM. OSSIM is the most widely used SIEM offering with over 195,000 downloads in 175 countries. Open source means your security intelligence environment is economical, flexible, and scalable for current requirements and future growth.

AlienVault OSSIM

Unified Security Management: Complete, Simple, & Affordable.

AlienVault USM gives you complete security visibility and compliance management by providing the five essential security capabilities in a unified platform. All these capabilities are already built-in and managed through a single console and reporting dashboard:

Asset Discovery
Active & passive network discovery to know what assets you have that need to be protected
Vulnerability Assessment
Active network scanning & continuous monitoring to know where your vulnerabilities are & what to do to shore them up
Threat Detection
IDS & file integrity monitoring to know where you're under attack & how to defend against those attacks
Behavioral Monitoring
Netflow analysis & log normalization so you can spot anomalous activities or insider threats inside your organization
Analytics including log management & SIEM event correlation to synthesize your security feeds & deliver actionable alerts

Use the powerful capabilities of AlienVault USM to meet the leading challenges in federal and DoD environments:

Compliance Management:
Accelerate information assurance with continuous monitoring and complete security intelligence.

Federal agencies, the DoD and the intelligence community must meet a wide array of standards for information security controls and risk management, including DIACAP / DIARMF, DISA STIGs, CNSS 1253, NIST, and more. AlienVault USM continually monitors and evaluates your security controls in real-time, identifies and reports on important audit events, and delivers alerts on events that require immediate action. You can customize its flexible executive dashboard and reporting capabilities to demonstrate compliance with the specific standards required for your agency.

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View LargerSituational Awareness

Situational Awareness:
Maintain complete visibility into your network security posture.

There is no security without visibility. But the security products you use to gain that visibility — HPSS and other IDS/IPS systems, vulnerability scanners, network monitoring and more — generate an overwhelming amount of data that may do more harm than good if you can’t manage and interpret it. AlienVault USM can integrate those feeds into comprehensible views for a complete real-time picture of your security posture.

Threat Intelligence:
Stay protected with real-time updates on threats and vulnerabilities.

You face new threats and vulnerabilities every hour of the day. That’s why the security experts at AlienVault Labs continually update AlienVault USM with the latest security intelligence on zero‐day threats, malware, botnets, phishing campaigns and more. The Labs also oversee AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX), the largest community-sourced threat intelligence database. Attack information from participants around the globe is instantly routed to AlienVault Labs for analysis and validation and automatically distributed to all other participants for a strong collaborative defense.

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View LargerIncident Response

Incident Response:
The intel you need to act in an emergency.

Your ability to act when you experience a breach or an attack is only as good as your ability to receive network security intelligence in real time. The core components of AlienVault USM provide the threat detection, event correlation, and security intelligence you need to take action when there’s trouble. It identifies the nature of the incident and the precise system that’s been compromised, then delivers detailed, customized “how to” guidance for each alert.

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