Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

Event Correlation of All the Essential Data Sources, Simplified

Simplify SIEM event correlation and accelerate your incident response time. AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) brings together related asset, vulnerability, threat, malicious actor, and remediation info for every alarm. The result?

Everything you need in a single pane of glass to assess threats accurately and expedite response, with none of the integration headaches.

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Know What Threats to Focus On, Right Now

Get alarms for assets under attack, understand how they're
being attacked, and see who's doing it in just minutes.

  • Targeted assets and their vulnerabilities
  • Optional full packet capture for deep analysis
  • Attack method and remediation guidance
  • Detailed malicious actor info from OTX, world’s largest open source threat repository

Automate Event Correlation

When an incident happens you need immediate visibility into who, what, when, where, and how of the attack.

Event log data provides only pieces of this puzzle, without any context to make effective decisions.

AlienVault USM helps you move faster from raw event logs to actionable security intelligence by automating the event correlation process, providing every detail you need in the alarm.

Don’t worry.
We take care of all this:

Data Collection

Identify log data for automatic import and integration.


Parse, normalize, and integrate log data into built-in SIEM analysis engine.

Cross Correlation

Apply 2,000+ correlation rules to asset, vulnerability, network traffic, and threat data.

Alarms & How to Respond

Assess severity, with detailed context-specific remediation instructions.

Emerging Threat Detection

Automatic updates of new correlation rules and signatures for new threats, assets, vulnerabilities, and more.

"With AlienVault we have been able to get a complete picture of the network and find things that were being missed. With log correlation I have been able to spend time where needed and not chasing shadows."

Security Officer,
Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

"We needed the ability to know if/when a possible/probable security violation occurs vs. constant monitoring by an individual. AlienVault fulfills this need."

IT Professional,
Medium Enterprise Security Products & Services Company

"With AlienVault USM, we have one easy-to-view dashboard for all security threats and a single point to go to check system logs."

Network Administrator,
Medium Enterprise Retail Company

"AlienVault allows us to get a quick picture of everything going on in our environment… it would be hard for me to name a better product for security operations."

Mike Ahrendt, Security Officer,
Grand Rapids Community College

More Than 2,000 Correlation Directives and Growing

Detect the most common types of attacks today and stay ahead
of attackers with weekly updates from AlienVault Labs.

Web service attacks (e.g.
SQL injections, cross site
scripting, etc.)

Client-side exploits (e.g.
ActiveX, Javascript, etc.)

Bruteforce authentication
attacks (e.g. SSH, LDAP,
NetBIOS, etc.

Distributed denial of
service attacks (DDoS)

Malware detection (e.g.
ransomware, trojans, bots
and more)

Common network attacks
(e.g. IP spoofing,
hijacking attempts, etc.)

Policy violations (e.g.
anonymous proxy use,
BitTorrent, P2P, etc.)

Other suspicious behavior
(e.g. login from Tor

Have specific needs for log sources or in-house applications? You can create and apply custom rules easily.
Rather than start from scratch you could simply edit one of the built-in security event correlation directives.

It’s free to try and quick to see how you can get the full picture for security visibility.

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Analyze Security Incidents Faster, More Efficiently

With every piece of the puzzle in one console you can get answers quickly and make better decisions to protect your organization.

Each alarm provides detailed and customized instructions on how to respond and investigate.
Executive dashboards provide overviews and click-through details about your security and compliance posture.
All you need to know about an asset for incident response and investigations – in one window.
Automated asset discovery provides granular details on all discovered devices in your network.
Targeted guidance eliminates the guesswork associated with integrating data sources and provides precise suggestions for improving visibility.
Built-in network flow analysis provides all the data you need for in-depth investigations – including full packet capture.
Secure storage of raw event data satisfies regulatory compliance requirements while an easy-to-use interface allows for quick searches.
Identify malicious actors attempting to interact with your network using our dynamic IP reputation data.
Real-time security intelligence identifies attackers and their methods for effective incident response.
Centralized, integrated "how to" documentation for all you need to know about USM.
Built-in network IDS, host-based IDS, and wireless IDS results in more accurate event correlation, faster deployment and simpler management.
Built-in vulnerability assessment simplifies security monitoring and speeds remediation.

Attacks are Emerging and Morphing

Your monitoring and incident response capabilities
should evolve as well.

Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

Visibility into Known Bad
Actors Communicating with
Your Network

Imagine a malicious IP is communicating with an asset on your network that has a known vulnerability. That’s a high risk you should investigate.

With the integration of USM and OTX, you’ll get automatic access to the world’s largest open-source repository of threat data. You’ll receive an alarm informing you which asset is targeted, why it’s vulnerable, what attack method is being used, detailed information on the malicious host, and how to remediate the potential exploit. It’s the whole picture in one easy-to-use console.

AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence

Weekly Updates to Correlation Directives and Signatures to Stay Ahead of Attackers

  • Network IDS signatures
  • Host-based IDS signatures
  • Asset discovery signatures
  • Vulnerability assessment signatures
  • Correlation rules
  • Reporting modules
  • Dynamic incident response templates
  • Newly supported data source plug‐ins

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